Galina Datloof

Russia ( 1949 - )

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Limited Editions

Galina Datloof was born in 1949 in a small Russian village. She became an artist against all odds. It was just impossible for her not to paint. When still a child, she used to draw with charcoal on the walls, Galina recalls this activity, which was not exactly tolerated by her family and other villagers, as the beginning of her carreer.

Led by her talent and determination, Galina left her native village and was accepted at the Academy of Arts. But one thing she brought with her from home: all members of her large, poor family loved to sing and play music, and this inherent love of music and play is reflected throughout Galina's work. During her student years in the Academy, Galina began working with theatres, designing costumes and scenery. As early as 1977 Galina's graduation work participated in the National exhibition of scenography at the Manege, one of Moscow's largest exhibition halls.

Galina, unlike many contemporary artists, easily transcends boundaries of a certain style, travelling with the tides of inspiration from classical portraits to avantgarde, from impressionism to modern, but always leaving her distinct personal imprint. In 1990 Galina emigrated to Israel, where her art was enriched by the spirit and vivid colors of the Holy Land.