Darleen Lambert

USA ( 1958 - )

Available Works:


Darleen Lambert's style, imagination, and creativity truly makes her a Pop artist. Darleen was born on July 28th, 1958 in Sarasota, Florida, where she now resides. She began painting at a very early age in various media such as pen and ink, pencil, watercolors, tempura, oils and acrylic. By the age of 12, Darleen received a scholarship to the Ringling School of Art in Florida where she studied during her summer vacation. She continued to paint throughout high school and upon acceptance to the University of Florida in Gainesville, she received training in art appreciation, history, and oil classes. Her training also extended itself to New York where she did coursework in watercolors in a posh school on 57th street in Manhattan. With all of her training, Darleen's true passion did not surface until she went to Munich Germany where she began working full?time in acrylics. This medium gave her the ability to convey the feelings and impact she wanted her work to have through the use of bold, strong colors. Darleen moved on through Europe... Vienna, Paris, Zurich, Venice, Florence, Milan with paintbrush and canvas in hand exploring exhibits and cultures while ready at any time to express herself. Darleen Lambert looks forward to achieving her visions in art through various media.