Doug Auld


Available Works:

Limited Editions

Doug's journey to becoming a respected artist is as unusual as his artistic vision. Doug's early interests were science and mechanics. At the age of 17, he taught himself to compose music. He especially relished the process of combining musical elements to form the final composition. But he was frustrated because he could not complete the creation himself additional musicians were needed to perform his work and bring it to life.
Visiting his artist brother's studio, he began to dabble with paints. He decided that, as a painter, he could control and produce the entire work himself. Doug's painting skills are entirely self taught. He further challenged himself by devising a style that is, at once, strictly realistic, yet results in an impressionistic image.
Before Doug begins a painting, he selects the subject of the portrait and the elements that he will use as building blocks, be they fish, birds, bees, or other life forms. Then comes the painstaking research as he collects information and photos of these various elements.
Approaching the canvas, he is armed with an enormous pile of research. The process of building the portrait starts with a single, key image. Each additional image is placed so that it is correct in proportion and perspective to the first. It is a complicated, ever changing puzzle that requires Doug's expertise and unique vision.
The complexities involved in completing each painting require many months of effort. The scarcity of his paintings has resulted in a list of collectors eagerly awaiting Doug's works.