Norman Rockwell

USA ( 1894 - 1978 )

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Born February 3, 1894 in New York "Norman Rockwell's work has been seen by more people than all of Michelangelo's, Rembrandt's and Picasso's combined." -Time Magazine, November 1978 During the 20th Century, many vital aspects of American Life frequently have been clouded in the sweep of history. The trauma of change and the upheaval of progress have shaped a national profile that often obscures the everyday values of living in this great country. For the better part of this century, the nation has been fortunate that one man's genius has re-created the American way of life in small things as well as large. In picture essay and cover illustration, he has painted the portrait of a nation-compiling a remarkably complete record of America, it's daily work and worship, play and prayer, dreams and disappointments, aspirations and accomplishments. In so doing, he has provided millions with inspiration, comfort and the enjoyment of his work. Although viewed as the "quintessential American", the humor and pathos of Rockwell's imagery speaks a language of commonality the world over. From rites of passage to historic events, a universality of experience is embodied in Rockwell's works. His genuine love and understanding of what makes us all human is unrestrained by geographic boundaries. His singular vision has touched the lives of millions more around the world whom, while so varied in culture, are yet so similar in emotions, dreams and foibles. He saw a nation move from the horse and buggy to man on the moon. Through these momentous years he painted his country and its people with more poignancy and power than anyone else. He has given us a legacy of ourselves as we were and as we are. This is Norman Rockwell's Heritage. Norman Rockwell died on November 8th, 1978, a year after receiving the Medal of Freedom, the nations' highest peacetime award, bestowed upon him by President Gerald Ford.