Susannah MacDonald


Available Works:

3-D Constructions

Susannah MacDonald completed a comprehensive education in the arts. She first studied at The New England Conservatory of Music in 1973-1982, and then interned at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 1982-1983. She supplemented her studies with international experience at the Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy in 1984-1985 and obtained her Bachelors degree at Pratt Institute, School of Art and Design in New York, 1983-1987. MacDonald, who began her career as a clothing designer and illustrator, creates inventive three-dimensional combinations of silkscreen and lithography on paper and transparent sheets. Her brightly colored three-dimensional street scenes capture the ambiance of busy city life. MacDonald's most recent endeavors have involved the development of imagery and technique to create mixed-media and silkscreen editions. John Szoke Graphics previewed her first two editions at the New York Artexpo in 1995 and continues to publish her work exclusively to growing and enthusiastic audiences. Susannah MacDonald's work has been featured in many exhibitions.