Michael Godard


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Oh my God…ard! Are usually the first words out of peoples’ mouths when they view Michael Godard’s provocative works. From the mind of an artist who does not drink comes a vision of Surreal Compositions full of Icons of Humor and Fun that fits most people’s lifestyle. Michael is widely recognized as one of the most aesthetically innovative, creative, versatile , and bestselling artists of our time. One thing gallery owners and the public agree on, “Michael Godard’s paintings are incredible".

The Master of the Surreal Martini and the Mischievous Olive, Michael Godard, orchestrates his signature black canvases to parody life in it’s most extraordinary and interesting social situations. His paintings are so compositionally captivating; it is no wonder that Mr. Godard has become the Best Selling Artist in the World of Limited Edition Prints and Paintings. Mr. Godard's works can be viewed in Galleries and Fine Retail Stores, displaying his Paintings and Prints, as well as the New Universe of Michael Godard Art Products. Mr. Godard currently resides and creates his Art Works in Las Vegas, Nevada.